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The Hispanic Round Table was organized under the direction of several Hispano organizers and organizations. Some of the initial organizers were Loretta Armenta, John García, Mary Molina Mescal and Lisa López. It was meant coalition of Hispano Organizations and a clearinghouse for Hispanic organizations to exchange information and organize on matters of interest to all Organiations. The member organizations at the outset were Hispano Chamber, LULAC IMAGE, GI FORUM, MANA, and HUNM came in early on. Over time, the organization increased in size as more and more Hispano organizations came into the coalition.

John García, who was the Executive Director of the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, wanted the Hispano Chamber to be the fiscal agent so the organizations could recieve funds and have an office for meetings. This was not followed up on and the Hispanic Round Table remained a loose association of organizations. The HRT's first major action was the opposisiton to the naming of Dr. Richard President Peck, over which the Hispano Chamber left the HRT. The HRT also took part in the matter of the Hyatt and US West over UDAG monies. There Hispanic Round Table provided major support for the Ethnic Centers at the University of New Mexico which resulted in the retention of the Centers. Recently, the Hispanic Round Table took on Citadel Communications and KKOB over the racist comments of Artie Patton, Chris Jackson and other radio shock jocks.

Lisa López inititated the Hispanic Legislators Honors Banquet to support the Hispano Legislators against the ferocious and vicious media attacks they were being subjected to in the newspapers, radio and television. The banquet has been a tremendous success year after six years of constant support for our Hispano legislators, especially Manuel "Manny" Aragón and Reymundo "Ray" Sánchez who are constantly battered on the airwaves ...

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