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Hispano Round Table de Nuevo México

Juan José Peña - 1998 Chairperson
Ralph Arellanes - Vice-Chair
Manuel García - Secretary
José de Jesús Cervantes - Treasurer

Jim Arellanes - Advisory Board Member
Rosa Isela Cervantes - Advisory Board Member
Theresa Gonzales - Advisory Board Member
Karen Sánchez-Griego - Advisory Board Member
Alfred Valdez - Advisory Board Member

La Mesa Redonda Hispana de Nuevo México
PO Box 27217
Alburquerque, New México 87125-7217

505-242-8085H - 248-8064W - 247-5998page

E-mail the HRT:

HRT Agenda

  • Positions on UNM Presidential Search,
  • APS Superintendent,
  • Bilingual Education,
  • El Cuarto Centenario

    The HRT urges all Nuevo Mexicanos to vote especially in the Special Election June 23 for 1st Congressional Seat US House of Representatives.

    HRT Activities

    Thursday, April 23, 1998, the HRT will honor
    Mayor Jim Baca, FCC's Gloria Tristiani, ASI's Ed Romero
    at the Old Town Sheraton Hotel Fireplace Lounge at 6:00 PM.

    HRT Mission

    HRT Minutes

    HRT History

    HRT By-Laws

    HRT Members

    HRT Membership List

    The HRT meets every second Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM
    at the Business Resource Center at 700 4th Street SW.
    Next Meeting September 9, 1998.

  • HRT Newsletter
  • Current/Cultural Events Calendar
  • University of New Mexico Job Postings UNM Jobs




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