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SWOP News - Coronado Mall Policy #9 - FOR YOUR INFORMATION

Are you getting Harassed at the Mall?

The SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP) is trying to make Coronado Mall more Youth Friendly.

Coronado Mall has a policy that doesn't allow 5 or more young people to walk through the mall together.

This is Youth Discrimination!

We surveyed over 200 High School students and more than 40% said they've been harassed by mall security.

Do you think this is wrong?

Have you been harassed by mall security?

Do you want to see this rule changed?

Call SWOP to get involved.


Help stop youth discrimination

Q: How is Coronado Mall getting away with harassing young people?

A: Coronado Mall Policy #9 states that:

"Loitering or congregating in groups in excess of five (5) persons without the supervision of a parent or guardian over 21 years of age is not permitted. On Saturdays, groups without a parent or guardian cannot exceed three (3) persons. This rule also applies to weekdays during the school year when school is not in session."

Q: So what does this rule mean?

A: The rule says that five or more people (three or more on the weekend) can't go to the mall together without a parent or guardian over 21. Even if they are 18 years old!

Q: If you are 16 years old you can work and get a drivers license. If you are 18 years old you can vote, get married and be eligible for the draft. But you can't go to the mall with your friends. How can that be right?

A: There are lots of things that young people can do and take responsibility for. Coronado Mall is discriminating against young people and it is not right.

Q: What can people do to stop this kind of discrimination?

A: People can call the General Manager of Coronado Mall, Randy Sánchez (881-2700) and complain about this rule. People can also get involved in an organized effort to change this rule by calling the SouthWest Organizing Project at 247-8832

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